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Future Mobile Applications I

Mobile Application Technologies of Future

Mobile application development is one of the fastest growing technologies in 21st century. The rise of mobiles, smart phones made a dramatic change of acceleration in almost every fields and niches. Modern smart phones, iphone and similar devices offer flexible and feasible opportunity for different apps to perform different tasks making modern smart phones and iphones much preferred than fixed and cumbersome PCs. Business and Marketing experts are able to exploit these situation perfectly making full use of mobile technologies to reach and grab more and more Leads than ever before.

Certain Mobile technologies dramatically changed the way mobiles devices and their usage. For instance the Android based mobile interface for websites are marked as the beginning of a new era in Mobile Net usage. Techs such as GPRS were revolutionary in Mobile application development for many GPRS apps using GPRS were well received among both business and youths who are accustomed to constant travels and to addictive browsers.

More the technologies we get the higher the need for even more as it has been the key of both innovations and business on 21st century. But expert developers and experts always concentrate on developing outstanding futuristic technologies to be first in a broader market. But not all Technologies are viewed to have a promising future or some are considered better than others to thrive in the near future.

Promising mobile application Technologies:
As most experts anticipate, the future of mobile apps tech will be broader and highly successful on market. The demand is constantly increasing and seems highly favorable to the developers who offer advanced and yet user-friendly apps at affordable prices.

Few promising futuristic mobile Apps Techs:
  • Location Based Services (LBS)
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Mobile Payment
  • Context-Aware Applications
  • Object Recognition
  • Social Networking
  • Mobile Search
  • Mobile Instant messaging (MIM)
  • Mobile E-mail
  • Mobile Video
These are just a few Techs which experts think to be the most developed mobile application technologies.

Location Based Services:
Little similar to GPRS Location based Services or LBS are a bit too different from its ancestor for it uses Mobile Network bases or Mobile Service towers and the mobile device itself to pinpoint the user's Location. Based on the user's interests and current location this Technology provides detailed locations of Local business and other service locations. The user can change his/her interest to obtain locations of the different services and details like GYMs, Beauty parlors, Hotels, theaters and any similar services or local business. The technology fully exploited by local business to attract more customers using the mobile device\'s geographical positioning ability. The promising part of LBS is it is a gift to both businessmen and customers alike. The future of this think thanks technology is expected to be the heart of mobile business apps. But the technology has some flaws/issues but the most concerned is Privacy, as the technology uses mobile devices to track locations the worry is it also holds the ability to access an user's location often without his/her interaction. If this and others problems like being little slow and a bit costly can be seen too by developers there is no doubt Location Based Service and such Apps will have a promising market in near future.

Mobile Commerce:
Mobile Commerce is any direct or indirect transaction conducted and facilitated through a wireless telecommunication network. Mobile commerce is a kick start of another new business and marketing era which is highly successful backed by the fast developing mobile technologies. The idea here is to reach customers where and how they are always available and prefer to be approached.  For instance people may forget coupons or business related wallets but never leave far behind their mobile phones and hence business master minds prefer to engage in Mobile business. Offers and coupons that provide some special offers to their most valued customers may be sent to their mobile as Messages so they are just required to show the message from their mobile to get such offers. Mobile payments or Mobile transaction is also a follow up and a development to Mobile commerce but as it is to be there are some drawbacks in even Mobile Commerce.
    Mobile transaction and commerce face a serious issue due to many reasons such as slow work speed of mobile devices, chances of network errors resulting in messages sending fails. But the worse problem is that some people don\'t preferred getting Business and commercial SMS on their mobiles as the y feel them disturbing. And a report also says that some people don\'t thrust mobile ads and marketing related Messages and consider them as spam. But latest events and measures such as the ability to disable service and commercial related messages and the lessons learned by marketing world will/shall change these issues over time. If used and developed Mobile Commerce and related Applications and their development will have a brighter future.

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