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Future Mobile Applications II

Mobile Application Technologies of 

Future part II

Mobiles and related apps are constantly on demand and growth as a result it has become an interesting and important area for not just developers but also the customers themselves. We received excellent and positive feedbacks and comments for the first part of Mobile Application Technologies of the Future. Here I am with the second part of the article.

Mobile Payment:
Mobile Payment is seen as a part or just as an enhancement to Mobile Commerce but in fact the former is a boost and a gift to the later. Mobile payment also called as Mobile Money, mobile transfer or Mobile Financial service is a form of payment made from any mobile device. Although some experts say Mobile Transfer or mobile Banking has little growth reserved in the near future the idea of paying via mobile phone is already a hit. Unlike age old Cash payment system one could say using Mobile Payment a safe option much like Credit card. But being available and preferred by all this is an even greater option than even Credit cards. SMS based transition, Contactless NFC or near field communication, Mobile Web payment or WAP and finally Direct Mobile Billing are some primary Models of such payment. Last year (2011) saw some improvements and developments in Mobile Payment service. Many Mobile Companies and networks such as Ericsson and Search Engine Super Giant Google provided Mobile transfer service and announced future developments.

Mobile Payment, seems little promising as of now because it has just now made its entry but the amount of interest and comfort it has created is a positive sign. As of now only a few providers offer this service and such it needs time to progress and most impotently spread wider it will have a greater impact. The current trends are promising for mobile Payment as it seems to be apt for any situation. Mobile application developers are expecting Mobile Payment to be an important part of commerce specifically Mobile Commerce and such we just have to wait and see.
Object Recognition:
Object Recognition systems and applications are already on computers and laptop and they are just making their appearance into the mobile world. For simple example it is much more related to face detection passwords on Laps and PCs. Object Recognition application developed today are able to find a given object or part in an Image or a video. These are not as hit as others but yet they are to be seen as a base line to future applications and Techs. As many other techs Object Recognition has not yet found right usage and improvements to reach the masses and correct usage. But given the current tech and interest shown by developers the future seems to be promising. In correct application and innovation Object Recognition could be the best solution for security systems on Airports and other highly security needed areas. So it will not be a surprise if the future tech allows us to implement an easy way of passport under which a person is identified with 100accuracy just with his face. Imagine airports and other important entrance and exits are sealed by face-tracked passport or Id proof system backed by Object Recognition system where there is no chance to bluff the security. Today we are using it in a similar way but just to secure our PCs and Laps but this simple and fun like tech may one day effectively change the way we live. This could effectively eradicate Terror threat making sure humanity lives longer and safely.

And under such future effects I like to put this as the best and important tech to develop for it offers both market and a great solution system for the future. So the possibility of Object Recognition technology to thrive is much higher in fact it must be given more priority for the betterment of a greater and brighter future.
Part III of this article will soon follow...

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