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Green superfood supplements

Why Do We Need Green superfood supplements?

Author: Kristin Jensen

green superfood supplements
Are Green superfood supplements necessary?
If you live on an average American/Western diet you need to take additional vitamin and mineral supplements. Ideally it shouldn\'t be necessary. The best way to maintain health is to eat a balanced diet consisting of organic, ripe and raw fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and whole grains just to mention some of the most important foods. But even then we may find that we lack vital minerals and vitamins. Firstly, we don\'t eat enough fruit and vegetables. Secondly, those we eat are low in nutrients.

Green superfood adds nutritents that our food lacks.
The truth is that conventionally grown fruit and vegetables often have little or no vitamin or mineral content at all and may be doing us more harm than good; The soil they are grown on are depleted and out of balance, missing important vitamins and minerals. In addition the fruit and vegetables are routinely sprayed with such a broad selection of anti fungals, antibiotics, insecticides, pesticides and dozens of other types of toxic chemicals that they may actually be harmful to us. As a result people suffer from deficient in nutrients and that again leads to disease.

Ideally we should buy organic vegetables from farmers that have been organically farming for many years. It's not possible to bring the soil back to it's natural balance in a year or two, so if the farmer has recently gone over to organic farming the fruit and vegetables may still be low in nutrients.  But at least they should be free from toxic substances.

We need organic green superfood supplements to correct deficiencies and prevent disease.
Even if all fruit and vegetables had optimal levels of vitamins- and minerals most people don't consume enough to satisfy their daily needs. My advice is that you include some organic raw and green superfoods in your diet to avoid and correct any deficiencies. These green powders provide your body with all the essential vitamins, minerals and other substances that is needed for optimal health. You only need a small amount daily of a high organic quality green superfood supplement to cover all your bodies needs, if you combine it with a healthy diet.

Look for this in you green superfood supplement:
  • Should be made of organic ingredients.
  • Should be made of wild crafted ingredients.
  • Should have ingredients from seaweeds.
  • Should have as many super foods as possible, like kale, horsetail, spinach, nettles, parsley, alfalfa, wheat grass, oat grass, and barley grass to mention just a few.
  • Should have spirulina and chlorella added (algae).
  • Should contain probiotics.
  • Should contain enzymes.
  • Should contain enzymatically active sprouts.
  • Should be free from fillers.
  • Should be free from preservatives.
  • Should be free from sweeteners.
  • No GMO products.
  • Should be fresh freeze-dried or cold-dried.
A detailed description of all ingredients and also an explaination on how it is produced is a must.

A Green superfood supplements is of course organic!
You will find a wide range of green superfoods on the market. But most of these products are made from fruit and vegetables that are non-organic.  As we know that these products may lack vital vitamins and minerals and even contain chemicals; it\'s obvious that your green superfood supplement should be organic.

A Green superfood supplements is also good for Mother Earth.
All the chemicals we use also have a big impact on our nature. Our goal should be to gradually shift to organic products. We find toxic chemicals in so many different products that we use and surround our self by daily, not only in fruit and vegetables. We find chemicals in cosmetics, body care products, kid's toys and clothing's, just to mention a few. Change to organically produced products and Mother Earth and your kids will thank you.

Green superfood powders are not a replacement for fruits and vegetables.
Organic green superfood supplements are meant as just that, a supplement, and not as a replacement for fruit and vegetables or other healthy whole foods.
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Be yourself and be happy, never stop dreaming!

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